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Frank Monahan Foundation is a nonprofit corporation organized and operated exclusively for charitable purposes, specifically to raise and distribute funds to provide assistance in the betterment of the lives and athletic experiences of the youth of Concord, NH and surrounding communities and continue the legacy built by Coach Frank Monahan. Coach Monahan was an inspiration to his family, friends and generations of student athletes and their respective families and friends. The group of individuals comprising the founders of the Frank Monahan Foundation was moved to action to continue Coach Monahan's legacy of help young persons become educated, mature, community conscious adults. It is the Foundation's guiding purpose and hope that the youths the Foundation inspires in the present will carry the Coach's legacy and the principals of the Foundation forward for years and decades to come.
Through our numerous annual events, the founders hope to extend the Foundation's reach each year by motivating community youth and their families to be active participants and positive forces in their local communities. In the Foundation's first year alone, it was able to build two new basketball courts in Concord, NH and make donations to the Concord Boys & Girls Club and the New Hampshire Children's Trust. We further our purposes under this program by conducting the following activities:
While the Frank Monahan Foundation will support various community organizations, it will focus on Bishop Brady High School, the Concord Public School Systems, Concord Park & Rec and the Concord Boys & Girls Club. The Foundation will strive to directly impacts today's youth with a view toward a better tomorrow. The Foundation plans to sponsor and promote numerious events to raise to raise funds to make "a difference" in the lives of the community's youth. The Foundation's goals include impacting the community's youth such they take pride in their schools, their communities, their coaches, their teachers, their classrooms, their teammates, and most of all, themselves.
Frank Monahan Foundation exists #ForeTheKids.

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