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Conant High School is honored to play in the inaugural Frank Monahan Foundation Basketball Showcase.  It is a privilege for me to bring my team back into the gym where my career began, and have them play for such a great cause.  At Conant we pride ourselves on tradition and hard work.  I would say these are the two most important values that have allowed us the success we have had over the past 8 years.  These are two values coach Monahan always demanded of his teams.  He built great traditions both at Brady and Merrimack College, and he was able to build these because of the hard work he and his players put in the gym.  He always said “Players play March to November!”  We take that same philosophy at Conant and know that in order to succeed you have to put in the time both during and in the off season.  We would like to thank the committee for allowing us this opportunity, and we look forward to our showdown with one of the top and well coached teams in Division II this year.

Eric Saucier
Conant High School
Men’s Varsity Basketball Coach


Frank Monahan Foundation sat down with Bishop Brady Head Boys Basketball Coach, Mark Yeaton, to ask him about his feelings about playing in the 2013 Frank Monahan Foundation Basketball Showcase.

What does it mean to you personally and to Bishop Brady High School in playing in the 2013 Frank Monahan Foundation Basketball Showcase

Playing in the first Frank Monahan Foundation showcase ever means a great deal to me. Mr. Monahan was a mentor and inspiration to hundreds of players throughout his life and to be able to play in a tournament in his memory for an organization that supports the ideals that he stood for is an amazing feeling. Mr. Monahan would be very proud to have his name attached to this event and see all these people coming out, cramming in the Brady gym and watching some great basketball to benefit a great organization dedicated to youth.    

What did Coach Monahan mean to Mark Yeaton?

Basketball aside, first and foremost he was a mentor. He was a great man who lived life the way you should and led by example. He worked hard, he took care of his family, and he loved his “boys” and gave as much as he possibly could back to youth and basketball. He was hard on us because the game is hard, but more importantly life is hard. Coach Monahan strives to show us how to reach our potential as men, not just how to reach our potential on the court. I look back on my time around Mr. Monahan on a weekly basis and pull from the knowledge he left with me on and off the court. I am a better man for knowing him and I will always have him to thank.

What did Mark Yeaton take away from Coach Monahan's coaching style?  

Mr. Monahan invested in his players. He wanted us to get better every day and reach our potential. It was less about X’s and O’s and more about building culture, having fun, playing as a team, playing hard at all times, and constant improvement as individuals and as a team. I believe he saw these things as a better investment of time than having 30 out of bounds plays. You can drive yourself nuts trying to come up with new stuff and having something in your playbook for every scenario, but at the end of the day players make plays and having a cohesive team that truly cares about each other and that works their tails off is going to win more games than a bunch of robots. I take that into the gym every day.

Mark Yeaton
Bishop Brady High School
Men's Varsity Basketball Coach

Brewster Academy is honored to participate in the inaugural Frank Monahan Showcase. I was very fortunate to have worked for Mr. Monahan at Bishop Brady and he was a tremendous influence on my coaching career. I'm excited to bring our team to Brady to participate in this event. Mr. Monahan was someone who made it possible for me to be coaching at Brewster Academy. He made numerous phone calls on my behalf and helped shape my coaching style and philosophy. Without Mr. Monahan's support and guidance, I would not be able to have enjoyed any of the success we have had over the past 13+ years at Brewster.

Jason Smith
Brewster Academy
Head Men’s Basketball Coach



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