The Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Concord is blessed to be the recipient of grant funds from the Frank Monahan Foundation. Marshall and all of the other Board Members have been so generous to everyone in the community. It is especially meaningful because many of the Board Members are alumni of the Club. We look forward to partnering with the Frank Monahan Foundation on future endeavors.


Chris Emond
Executive Director
Concord Boys & Girls Club





Conant High School is honored to play in the inaugural Frank Monahan Foundation Basketball Showcase.  It is a privilege for me to bring my team back into the gym where my career began, and have them play for such a great cause.  At Conant we pride ourselves on tradition and hard work.  I would say these are the two most important values that have allowed us the success we have had over the past 8 years.  These are two values coach Monahan always demanded of his teams.  He built great traditions both at Brady and Merrimack College, and he was able to build these because of the hard work he and his players put in the gym.  He always said “Players play March to November!”  We take that same philosophy at Conant and know that in order to succeed you have to put in the time both during and in the off season.  We would like to thank the committee for allowing us this opportunity, and we look forward to our showdown with one of the top and well coached teams in Division II this year.


Eric Saucier
Conant High School
Men’s Varsity Basketball Coach



When I think of the legacy that Mr. Monahan left here at Bishop Brady, his success as a basketball coach is often the first thing that gets mentioned in conversation.  From his success coaching here in the sixties and again in the nineties, with a successful stint at Merrimack College sandwiched in between, Mr. Monahan has always been highly regarded as an excellent basketball coach, and rightfully so.  He won in high school, in college, and again at his second stint here at Bishop Brady.  Along the way he gave his teams opportunities to prove themselves against the best of the best with great results.  We played games all over the place, from St. Louis, to New Jersey, to Chelsea Massachusetts.  As a coach he was tough but fair, and demanded and received respect from players, opposing coaches, and even officials wherever we went.  I recently spoke with a referee who used to ref our games, and he went out of his way to say what a pleasure it was to do our Brady games because Mr. Monahan was always civil to the officials.  I tried to tell him it was because he was too busy yelling at us to bother with the refs, but it didn’t diminish the fond memory that he had of Mr. Monahan, and stories like this are too numerous to count.  He also valued teamwork tremendously, and he never stopped preaching teamwork and trust in our teammates.


One of Mr. Monahan’s greatest attributes as a coach was that he was so inspiring.  He inspired people outside of the game of basketball, and one of the reasons why he’s so fondly remembered is because his inspiration has lived on through his players, coaches, and other people who have had the pleasure of knowing him.  He’s inspired us to be hard workers, to be good people, and to do the right thing.  His influence was so great because outside of being a great coach he was someone to look up to.


As we get older we realize that being like Mr. Monahan was something worth striving for, with a great family, respect from his colleagues, and admiration from almost everyone that knew him.   One of the more evident markers of his success as a coach is the coaching tree that grew from his influence.  Countless numbers of his former players are coaching or working in the game of basketball in some way, and this is a testament to the type of coach and person he was.  Others have seen the positive influence Mr. Monahan had on his players and his community and they want to have the same effect.  As one person he’s inspired the people around him to pay it forward, and his influence has reached far beyond the basketball court at Bishop Brady.


Mr. Monahan is probably most commonly remembered as a great basketball coach, but his success as a coach is only one small piece of the legacy that he left behind here at Brady and everywhere else he coached.  Everybody that played for Mr. Monahan has had good coaches before and since, but no coach has garnered the level of loyalty and respect that he got from his players and coaches.  It wasn’t his coaching ability or knowledge of the game that made everyone who was involved in his program admire and respect him;  once you were one of Mr. Monahan’s boys you had made a friend for life.  There was nobody that had your back like Mr. Monahan.  Once you had earned his respect he would do anything in his power to help you.  Once someone had played for him he was so much more than a coach; he was a sounding board, cheerleader, mentor, and friend.  Once he believed in you there was nothing that could shake that foundation loose.


Mr. Monahan became a friend and mentor to a great many of his former players, and I was lucky enough to be included in that group. His leadership and guidance became invaluable to me as I moved on from high school and continued my career in college.  After the first time he scolded me for not keeping in touch, I came to realize that he really just wanted to see his guys do well for themselves, and he would do anything he could to make that happen.  It was after I had finished playing for him that I came to realize that he was so much more than a basketball coach.  He taught his players hard work, humility, and how to give back and help people.  These are lessons that I still draw from on a daily basis.


Mr. Monahan’s legacy is one that is built on a foundation of the game of basketball but goes far beyond that.  His legacy extends to his family, those who coached with him, and his former players, one of whom is now the head boy’s coach here at Brady.  His influence can still be seen in many places, in gyms, classrooms, and offices all across the country.  Once you met Mr. Monahan it didn’t take long to see that he was someone worth looking up to. He was a great coach, but he was an even better person, and that combination has cemented his legacy for several lifetimes.


 Daniel Rasasen
BBHS Class of '99

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